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We look forward to hosting you as a Visitor at the 11th Asian Metallurgy and Steel & Metal Expo, 2022!

Who Must Visit?

If your company is dependent on materials, products, and machinery from steel and metal manufacturing, you’ve come to the right place. And if you’re the one looking into procurement, this is the perfect opportunity to network globally without using the resources you otherwise have to.

Who Will Exhibit?

You will encounter Exhibitors from across borders including the countries of India, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Indonesia, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Turkey, Egypt, Iran, Kenya, South Africa, China, and more. These Exhibitors will come from across industries including Metal Manufacturing, Machinery Manufacturing, Industrial Automation, Foundry Products Manufacturing, Prototyping and Simulation, and several others. They will exhibit their products, new innovations, and talk about the latest developments in the industry.

Why Visit?

  • To give yourself an edge by discovering the latest in the metallurgy industry 
  • To explore a wide range of services and products under one virtual roof
  • To connect with engineers, distributors, manufacturers, suppliers, and specialists from all over   
  • To have access to a complete marketplace that covers the entire supply chain
  • To network with top industry professionals and identify new sourcing  

You will have access to an online marketplace to capitalize on global opportunities, gain valuable insights into where sellers are at, and discover innovative solutions for you needs. Together we’ll discuss and overcome the challenges facing the industry through global networking and co-operation.

How to Register?

Do note: Visitor Registration will give you 7 days full access to the Expo
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